About Anderson Point Park

Anderson Point Park  is just over 65 acres* with 1,985 feet of saltwater waterfront and a sandy/gravelly low bank access  located off of SE Millihanna Road,in the Olalla area of Kitsap County.  A long winding path through thick forest leads downhill to an easily accessible seven acres of level area along the waterfront.  It is easily one of the nicest parks on the Kitsap Peninsula and rivals many of the state parks in both beauty and accessibility.

The beach and the forested hillside at Anderson Point had been on and off the market since 1989 by the William Bauce family of California. The asking price was as high as $1.7 million and was initially purchased by the county in 1999 for use as a park.  The high initial cost of the park kept the county from adding many initial improvements and the long 3/4 mile walk down to the beach made it less attractive to many park goers and kept Anderson Point Park a local hidden treasure even after being written up in Sunset Magazine in 2001.

Kitsap County  accepted over $500,000 for Anderson Point Park from the  Washington State Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation in 2003, at that time Kitsap County agreed that it would "not make or permit to be made any use of the real property described in this deed, or any part of it, which is inconsistent with the right to use for public outdoor recreation herein granted..."  The foregoing specifically applies to all of the Park land, including the deeded access from Banner Road to the Park.  See Kitsap County Auditors File # 200409090143

* WA State Wildlife and Recreation Commission lists the park size as 72 acres on its website, the Kitsap Parks Dept lists it as 66 acres on its website, and the county property tax records mark it as two parcels, one which is 24.9 acres and the other of which is listed at 35.77 acres for a total of 60.67 acres.