At long last the park is set to open on Thursday 5/21/15, you can read a Kitsap Sun article about it HERE

3/19/15 We have a copy of the DRAFT agreement between the County and the residents of Millihanna, you can read it HERE

1/18/15 NOTHING IS HAPPENING! We are trying to get more info on the delays but the park has clearly been finished for over a month now.

12/1/14 Additional construction and rain delays have pushed work completion date to Dec 12th.  Still no agreement with Millihanna residence to road access but Jim Dunwiddie is hopeful that this will happen soon.  Some time will be needed after construction for work approval before park can be opened. 

10/24/14 The Kitsap County Parks Dept has been busy updating their website which you can see HERE.  Which includes a detailed breakdown of the construction calendar which can be seen HERE which includes a finish date of 12/3/14!

10/3/2014 the contract has been approved for repairs to the park from Sealevel Bulkhead Builders with a provision that the work must be completed within 30 working days.  You can read the 216 page detailed contract HERE

9/22/14 today is the deadline for contractors applying to repair the park, it usually takes a week to grant the contract before work can begin and then work can only start if the park is dry enough.

9/8/2014 last permit for retaining wall has been approved, the parks dept is clear to start working in the park.

 8/21/14 construction permits were returned to Kitsap Parks Dept for further corrections.  This will mean a delay in construction so will not happen in August now being pushed back to some time in the fall.

7/19/14 Legal council from the county and Millihanna property owners are meeting next week, still no word on access to the road.  Permits and construction in the park are expected in August and opening is expected in September. 

5/10/14 We have an unsubstantiated report that Millihanna property owners have met with county officials and have not been able to come to an agreement.

4/11/14 HERE is the FINAL geotech report for the park which details the issues, WARNING this is a big 19MB pdf file

 4/1/14 HERE is my personal letter to Ron Templeton in response to his concerning our 'disparaging' online campaign to reopen access to Anderson Point.

3/18/14 Residence of Millihanna have hired a lawyer whom has written a letter to the Parks Director, specifically calls out disparaging online behavior, You can see a copy of the letter HERE

2/21/14 $185,000 has been allocated to Anderson Point and the Parks Dept has specifically stated that the park will be raised to trail standards and is expected to reopen by August of 2014.

2/14/14 The County Board of Commissioners  provided a $400,000 supplement to the Parks Capital Project Budget to address four specific and immediate concerns: Anderson Point Park, Howe Farm Barn, Kingston Preschool (Kole Kola Park), and Event Center/Fairgrounds.  An announcement and a timeline of park repairs is expected by March 1st from the County Commissioner.  

This is a link to the draft study which was released on 1/22/14, this is a 48 page document and may take awhile to download, you can view a shorter 23 page version of the report without the supporting materials HERE

Official County update information page for the park 

 Official Matrix of public comments, PDF link (this has been updated sporadically by the County)


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